Our dedicated teachers strive to deliver a curriculum that is consistent with a Biblical worldview.  Our curriculum is designed to shape our students’ character as well as develop their knowledge, skills, and understanding.  There is a strong focus on strengthening literacy and numeracy skills aView More: http://visionhouse.pass.us/mildura-christian-colleges the foundation for future learning.

From Prep-Year 10 our curriculum is built around the Australian Curriculum Framework produced by the Australian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (ACARA).  In early years there is an emphasis on the development of language skills through phonics training.  Our English curriculum develops our students’ capacity and confidence with a strong emphasis on spelling and grammar.

As students progress, they build on this firm foundation and begin to focus more on other subject areas such as History, Science, Economics, and Geography as well as Visual and Performing Arts, Physical Education and Technologies.

In all our learning areas the aim is for students to achieve mastery.  In some learning areas this is achieved in part through an individualised, mastery learning methodology.  This is complemented with more conventional teacher-directed classes in other learning areas.