Mildura Christian College was established in 1981 as a ministry of the Mildura Baptist Church. Until 2007, the College was known as Mildura Baptist College. Today, the College exists to serve Christian families across the Sunraysia District, regardless of their church affiliation. Whilst the College retains a close friendship with its founding church, there remain no formal ties between the two. Instead, the College is self-governing and seeks to partner with a wide variety of churches.

Mildura Christian College exists to serve those parents in Mildura and the surrounding area who are seeking to provide their children with a high quality education presented according to a Biblical worldview. The College recognises parents as those with the primary responsibility of training and educating their children. Whilst some of the task of educating a child is delegated to the College, parents retain the ultimate responsibility. With that in mind, the College seeks to foster positive partnerships between home, school and church. It is our desire that all our students would come to know the truth of God and His Creation. Our school motto is:

That I may bear witness to the Truth

Mildura Christian College was established as a result of faith and vision
and today is well known and highly regarded for:

  • An educational program personalised to suit each child and highly effective in areas of literacy and numeracy
  • A secure, caring and loving environment which is conducive to learning
  • Preparing students for future learning pathways
  • Encouraging students to strive for excellence
  • Equipping students for life

Mildura School - Mildura Christian College