To provide a caring, Christian environment for a rigorous academic education while nurturing personal growth with Christian values; the curriculum and culture of the school to be an expression of a Biblical worldview.

The mission of Mildura Christian College is to partner with parents and the wider community to “tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, His power, and the wonders He has done.” (Psalm 78:4 NIV) Working together, we strive to develop the gifts and talents that God has given each individual. Students are encouraged to develop Godly character in their lives as well as a passion for Him whilst also pursuing excellence at an academic, practical, and creative level.

Mildura Christian College aims to achieve the following:

  • Excellence in Christian education based on a Biblical worldview
  • Students achieving personal excellence in academic, social, physical, cultural and spiritual outcomes
  • Students equipped for service and citizenship as an expression of their Christian faith
  • An integration of Christian faith and character in students
  • A Christian education community where every person is valued and nurtured in their faith
  • Enhanced relationships between parents, students and staff, strengthening the teaching and learning process
  • Effective communication with parents and the wider community.
  • A culture of continuous improvement, professional development and pastoral support among staff
  • The provision of high quality facilities and resources
  • The effective stewardship of assets, both human and physical